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Salesforce Development


Salesforce Development

Every business is set up for success; all kinds of marketing strategies and tools have been employed since time eternal to boost company sales. Then, with the onset of technology, Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs) were the boon; now it is Salesforce Solution via Cloud computing.

An effective Salesforce Solution is paramount in generating the increased sales desired by any competitive company in the industry today amidst the intense competition. New and advanced Salesforce Solution tools and services are now available to transform any business in any industry into a proactive and reputable social media driven enterprise easily and quickly with the right connections and circles of influence knitted together cohesively and in tandem.

Our Salesforce Solution system operates efficiently on a transparent platform without complicated hardware or software that costs an arm or a leg. Companies would find that their businesses’ modus operandi function smoothly and more efficiently.

Efficiency in solution

Our Salesforce Solution offers a high efficiency rate in any business process applied; some of which include:

  • Analysis of existing business processes
  • Record and store relevant data of business processes securely
  • Advocate business process mapping
  • Identify the best features of the Salesforce Solution for every company’s functionality.

Our dynamic Salesforce Solution also configures and designs the system to suit the client’s business requirements and expectations; these include:

  • Basic configuration and setup of system
  • Customization of user groups
  • Incorporating security modules especially on data sharing options
  • Attractive page layout design
  • Offline accessibility feature
  • Data migration, data mapping and leads transfer options
  • Provides regular maintenance in monitoring system usage
  • Bug resolution on system operation
  • Reports and feedback generation

Exciting Modules of our Salesforce Solution!

Once you have a view of how dynamic our Salesforce Solution option is, you would be convinced to install our system immediately into your business system for the best of benefits. There are various modules in our dynamic Salesforce Solution which can be implemented modularly depending on need and budget.

Our Salesforce Consulting Services module is optimized for higher business productivity to generate higher profits for the client running this module. This exciting Salesforce Consulting Services platform allows our clients to enjoy the best of services in web business development, automation and integration with the most effective configuration and implementation.

Another exciting module in our complete Salesforce Solution system is the Salesforce Integration module that serves to integrate the company with relevant cloud systems for extra benefits. Our high success integration rate encompasses the wide spectrum of enterprise’s modus operandi such as HR, Financial, Call Center, ERP, POS and Logistics.

Complex real time integration is possible with our dynamic Salesforce Integration module to enable different systems to communicate efficiently.

With the progressive technology available today, smart businesses would capitalize on its benefits by reducing long processes while improving employees’ productivity. Our Salesforce Automation module aims to achieve this objective where sales staff need not be bogged down with routine and bureaucratic formalities but can function more effective as field workers.

Many company’s administrative processes can be automated through our efficient and effective Salesforce Automation module; these include order processing, contract management, inventory monitoring and control as well as customer management with information sharing.

Our Salesforce Configuration module provides an excellent platform for an optimal Salesforce application. Specific business needs are addressed to generate the best of design applications and processes for an optimal functioning in real-life environments.

This module allows the incorporation of security configuration with proper data capture and work flows from relevant approvals to generate the right reports and dashboards that meet the exact sales needs of the organization.

Every business operates differently using different business processes with different challenges and risks associated. Hence, this dynamic Salesforce Implementation module ensures that the proper parameters are set and secured to allow the system to operate smoothly even with the foresighted challenges taken into consideration.

Every implementation factor such as budget, customization or meeting deadlines would be meticulously considered to ensure a smooth operation for the business modus operandi on a daily basis.

Our efficient Salesforce Migration module is designed to relocate the company’s data to our Salesforce Solution platform transparently. This module processes the migration in a systematic manner from assessment to the exporting of data with relevant backups and pre-testing.

As a highly esteemed Independent Software Vendor, we have a wide range of experience in bespoke cloud development using our Salesforce Development module. This Salesforce Development module considers factors that promote a smooth business operation; they include detailed requirements assessments, daily functionality feedback and checking testable codes.