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PHP Website Development


PHP Web Development & Programming Solutions

Not many technology service providers can offer the best of PHP web programming services as this is a unique and specialized field of technology. It involves a deep and firm knowledge and hands-on usage of open source scripting languages that includes Javascript and AJAX which not many programmers in the market are familiar with.

PHP programming involves the highly specialized Linux Operating System with Apache server that manipulates database integration through MySQL. This dynamic programming language is popularly preferred for database-driven websites that need to be dynamic and versatile; hence, the right technological knowledge and creativity with the best of functional skills and industry experience are required to pull off a successful PHP web development solution for any business that is looking for quantum leaps in their progress.

We have the experts, experience and empowerment to provide the best of PHP based applications and solutions that would fit our client’s business solutions.

Our Recommendation of PHP Applications & Solutions

  • E-commerce website solutions
    • Magento
    • CS-Cart
    • ZenCart
    • Online Store Front
    • Payment systems
    • Payment gateways
  • Social Networking applications
    • Facebook
    • Online Communities
    • Collaborative networking systems
  • Content Management System
    • Customized CMS
  • Website development
    • Drupal
    • Joomla
    • WordPress
  • Web business application
    • Sales Automation
    • CRM Solution
    • Custom B2B, B2C,C2C and C2B solution options
    • Web mail and Web Calendar
    • Scheduling and Calendaring Applications
    • Mass Mailing & Newsletter Management Solutions
    • Order Management
    • Inventory solutions
  • Advanced PHP programming
    • Web 2.0 systems
    • Blogs
    • Auctioning System
    • Classifieds
    • Forums
    • Online chats
    • Discussion Board
  • Custom Industrial Applications using PHP Programming
    • Online Hotel Reservation System
    • Online Flight Systems
    • Online multi-player Games
    • Advertising and Banners
    • Statistics collection systems
    • Real Estate systems

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There are bespoke or custom PHP applications or solutions which we can discuss together for the best of effective solutions to bring your company up to a higher awareness in the market in a short time.