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Flex Applications


Flex Applications

Adobe Flex is a great open source apps development framework that is essential in building Rich Internet Applications on Flash players or Adobe AIR.

Flex applications are a real challenge to many software developers who are not familiar with the available features and mistakes to avoid in building Flex apps.

Our dynamic Flex development team has a long history in producing Flex apps that run on Adobe AIR on any desktop. Our adept Adobe programmers and Flex apps developers are well versed with the latest features on Flex apps development.

Our Flex Apps clients enjoy…

  • Cost effective Adobe technologies for the best of web applications
  • Unique desktop apps via Adobe AIR without changing existing processes, platforms or technologies
  • Enhanced productivity and customer retention
  • Improved customer satisfaction on bespoke Flex apps
  • Lower development costs
  • Higher profits and savings
  • Faster apps development for faster implementation
  • Integrated support of current database with desktop apps and bespoke Flex apps
  • Dynamic Flex apps that are operational online and offline
  • Prompt and professional customer services and support regardless of location

Our Dynamic Flex Apps Development Team offers…

  • Fully integrated bespoke or custom Flex apps solutions
  • Professional custom web designs, software programming and apps development
  • Professional IT consultancy services
  • Creative Internet marketing solutions
  • Advanced Flex apps solutions and services that are contemporary and trendy
  • A proven track record of successful Flex apps
  • Easy upgrades from current apps to our bespoke Flex apps
  • Knowledgeable in apps development with flexibility and versatility to meet and satisfy client’s requirements
  • The best of recommendations on bespoke solutions that benefit the clients
  • Prompt completion of project to the client’s fullest satisfaction
  • High standards in quality and functionality of work undertaken
  • A long term business relationship with all clients
  • The best of development expertise with an open ear and mind to the client’s needs and preferences
  • Unlimited consultations during and after project is undertaken for the best of bespoke Flex apps
  • A high reputation with industry accreditation on successful projects

Special Skills of our dynamic Flex development team:

  • Incorporation of Deep Linking features
  • Use of Adobe AutoComplete Input component
  • Familiarity on Flex language and APIs; web and GUI programming.
  • Setup of dynamic enterprise ecosystem for bespoke Flex apps

And more…

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