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SEO Process


SEO Process

As an established SEO company that has secured a good reputation over the years through a stellar track record in our work portfolio, we take a serious view and stance on implementing the best of search engine optimization process in every project we undertake.

We strive to produce the best of outcomes for each of our clients with unique and profitable SEO campaigns that are suited to their business environment and industry without compromising on the quality.

Our SEO stages comprise:


Analysis Phase

Our experienced and skilled SEO team exercises their critical mind in meticulous analysis of the business needs and requirements before forming the desired and best website structure for the client.

Our development team endeavors to check out the current page rank of the client’s website or business branding with an in-depth evaluation of inbound and outbound links as well as domain information for a more critical analysis of our client’s business position.

There would be a thorough review of the existing links’ quality and relevancy as well as their positions to be effective.

A structured approach in identifying the effectiveness of our client’s web links, use of meta tags, title tags and keywords would be applied diligently to understand the current situation of our client’s business.

In our analysis stage, we shall identify the strong competitors of our clients to source for effective solutions that would give our clients an added advantage.

A proper work schedule would be set up that is reasonable and achievable without delaying the client’s business operational processes.

Quality content and good keyword densities would be identified, generated and evaluated for a progressive outcome.

Advanced features and new solution options would be identified and considered for possible implementation if needs and requirements can be satisfied without compromising on quality and cost.

Strategy Phase

In this SEO process stage, we evaluate targeted keywords that would benefit our client’s web page with high quality content.

We endeavor to develop the right strategies in enhancing the client’s website through its structure, theme design and templates.

We would identify the best of additional high quality web content with a focus on the topic, structure and relevancy.

There shall be an effective detailed strategy on link building on different types of link sources that include blog posts, footer links, real-time links and sidebar links with possibly wiki posts.

Our dynamic team would strategize on Blog or RSS feed implementation for an increased frequency of high quality content posting.

With the approval of our client, we shall proceed to activate the Action Plan of the proposed SEO campaign.

Implementation Phase

Before our professional development team implements the project core, approval must be secured from our client with a thorough run-through of our proposed SEO solution campaign.

This implementation phase would be well mapped out in modular stages for the different solutions before the total solution is formulated.

There shall be thorough testing and trial runs of each module of the solution as they are integrated to form the complete solution.

Proper and appropriate training sessions shall be conducted to equip the system administrator for an efficient operation.

Maintenance Phase

Once the client’s system runs live, a structured maintenance program shall be undertaken to continue monitoring the system’s efficiency.

This would mean a close monitoring of the system performance to check on the favorable outcomes against targeted outcomes.

Regular reports shall be churned out to check and confirm the tasks status to determine the efficacy of the SEO campaign employed.

There would be an overview of the system performance until the client is satisfied with the achievements made on the system.