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Press Release Service


Press Release Service

Press releases are important tools of marketing for any company that wants to stay in the public eye constantly. There must be fresh news updates on the company from time to time to keep the brand in the minds and hearts of consumers.

Our Professional PR services

We are an established and reputable Press Release service provider who has years of experienced in generating effective press releases on any topic for any company in a wide spectrum of industries.

We offer dynamic press release services which include generation and distribution services. We generate relevant press releases that shout out the latest developments and promotions of any client company regardless of size, industry and budget.

We also service non-profit organizations and charity agencies with the best of news updates using our advanced search engine optimization tools for maximum results.

We employ the best of techniques and resources to generate the desired results through relevant search strategies, public and media relations. We are well equipped with the latest press release skills, tools and approaches to benefit our clients. Our newswire services differ from others with our meticulous and White Hat approaches.

Our press release distribution services can be packaged to be cost effective with a permanent hosting of our client’s press releases while securing a total SEO control over the desired industry distribution as well as focus on specialty media distribution.

Your Target Audience through Us

We have the necessary and wide connectivity over the range of target audience for our press releases to be effective and productive. There would be a certain desirable outcome from our professional press release distribution service which supports CRM, social networking and online marketing advertising options.

We are able to secure good connections with relevant and impactful media contacts, bloggers, subscribed journalists, interested readers and related media outlets for a wide distribution of our bespoke press releases. Our distribution scope can expand to 3rd party syndicates as well as related database and industry partners.

Our PR Features

Our highly skilled Press Release team is a group of well qualified and passionate writers, editors and publishers with the relevant industry knowledge and skills to write on the desired topic or product. Our research abilities cover an extensive scope of relevant and information on any client’s product or service that needs to be promoted in a press release article.

We offer a high control level over the type of contents, length of press release, targeted geographical locations and social media for the right timing to distribute the PR article. We would include media outlets such as newspapers, TV and radio stations as well as business journals in the local, state, national and international regions.

We engage our bespoke social networking system to ensure a smooth and wide distribution of press releases with up-to-date connections.

Our bespoke PR services include an efficient management system that caters for multiple users and multiple companies for large conglomerates. Hence, we empower our clients to monitor and connect with the resellers, vendors, promoters and suppliers in receiving the necessary press releases promptly.

Our press release distribution is value added with 24/7 services for urgent dissemination of news. We utilize the latest advanced SEO features to maximize the search and distribution PR strategy for all our clients.

Our esteemed clients can choose between an automatic or manual release of their press releases based on our efficient date scheduling application service that allows the clients to determine the exact time and dates of their press release articles.

We engage relevant applications, solutions, portals and platforms in distributing press releases with multimedia assets and dynamic graphics besides text in various fonts.