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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

We are an established and reputable IT and software development service provider who can boost your company’s image, branding and ROI through our bespoke IT applications and solutions which are globally and industrially recognized.

A: Our bespoke IT solutions would give your company a competitive edge in today’s market through our professional design and development skills and certifications. Our clients enjoy trendy dynamic websites and IT apps that are profitable and functional at lower costs and higher savings.

A: We are highly skilled in producing dynamic website designs and IT applications that can be functional on many browsers and platforms in a variety of programming languages and tools.
We offer 24/7 customer support and technical services that ensure a continual uptime of our bespoke web solutions.

We have a dedicated team of highly qualified and skilled web designers and developers who are passionate about custom software solutions and applications. Our bespoke IT solutions are guaranteed to bring in the desired outcomes to our esteemed clients from our proven track record.

We offer competitive prices in bespoke web applications and IT solutions that would delight our customers all over the world. The quick ROI enjoyed by our clients would offset any development costs incur with many more benefits.

Our well tested and proven web and IT development processes have generated world renowned applications and solutions that are profitable to our clients in a short turnaround time.

Our development and customer service processes are well structured and effective with the best of technologies and methodologies applied to generate the best of product.

We engage in friendly and professional consultations, no-obligation quotes, in-depth feasibility studies, detailed analysis, prototypes, demo versions, staged deliveries, overall and detailed reports, implementation and maintenance processes.

We have a vibrant website that is always available on a 24/7 basis; an email system that is responded within 24 hours; hotline which is manned by friendly and helpful customer service executives to answer all web and IT solutions enquiries.

The project schedule would be determined between our highly experienced development consultants and our esteemed client depending on the type of project to be handled and the urgency of the finished project.

Yes, we collaborate closely with each of our clients in their specific projects to identify the exact needs and requirements that would be more than satisfactory to our clients. Adjustments to the project specifications can be accommodated upon agreement between both parties.

We are a market leader in website designs and development with a passion for IT applications and solutions that can run on any browser, platform or mobile devices. We have an in-depth experience in client/server applications, web services and web-based technology solutions.

Our renowned reputation speaks volumes about our total commitment to every client’s project we undertake. Our proven track record with excellent feedback from past and present customers as well as approvals and certifications of our web and IT skills by industry partners and giants are proof of our professionalism.

As an established and experienced web and IT solutions developer, we can handle any kind of applications required depending on the industry and business specifications. Our skills and resources allow us to assist the enterprising entrepreneur, the SOHO business owner, Small & Medium enterprises and multinational corporations across the globe.

We offer flexible and dynamic payment terms that are convenient to our esteemed clients based on mutually agreed terms.

We can be contacted via our website or hotline. We would respond to your web or IT development projects immediately through our friendly and helpful consultants.

Yes, a comprehensive training program accompanies every of our bespoke project with the full manual to our client for their reference.

This depends on the original agreement of the bespoke solution.