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About Us

Offshore Software Development Company India


We are an established offshore software development company with a base in India.
We are a market leader in end-to-end IT applications and solutions with top quality technology services across a wide spectrum of industry.

We service…

  • The automobile industry
  • Healthcare and Fitness
  • Pharmacy & medicine
  • Real Estate
  • News & Entertainment
  • Technology

  • Law
  • Travel and Tours
  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Music & Videos
  • Computers & Hardware

  • Commercial businesses
  • Home Decoration & Renovation
  • Construction
  • Fashion
  • Retail & Wholesale

and so on…


We are inspired to be a reliable and acknowledged world-class market leader in web design and development with consistently top quality customer support and services that offers bespoke IT solutions that engage state-of-the-art and dynamic tools and resources to offer 100% satisfaction for every of our clients.


We are commissioned to be creative and innovative through our consistently top quality products and services in a professional manner by keeping abreast with the latest web technologies to generate the best of bespoke IT solutions that would benefit our clientele’s company at affordable prices.


We aim to provide the best of IT applications and solutions to our clients and business partners through cutting-edge technologies, knowledge and skills that would propel them to greater heights in their respective industries.


  • We are an established and reliable IT solutions company renowned for innovative and functional web and software solutions and services.
  • We have hundreds of full time dedicated and highly qualified web designers and developers who are passionate about their web projects in every industry.
  • Our experienced and seasoned team of website and apps designers and developers are skilled in a broad spectrum of industry applications and business needs.
  • We have strong industry partners and certification on the latest technologies, techniques and tools in any web and software development solutions
  • We offer the best of innovative and creative web solutions that would set our clients apart from the crowd
  • We assist global businesses improve their image and branding in the marketplace.
  • Fully committed team of IT experts with high quality solutions rendered with top class support and services to every client
  • We are customer-focused and goal-oriented to ensure a prompt turnkey IT solution that would help our clients gain more value and enjoy a quicker ROI